June 10, 2016 / File under > Kanye West Owes Me $300

I stopped by Tomorrow Daily to promote my book and talk about Gallery1988. It was a lot of fun and I yelled about quesadillas.


Who i be music video

June 9, 2016 / File under > Nova Rockafeller

The month of Hot Karl continues, now with a new music video for the song “Who I Be” with Nova Rockafeller.


3 things about young kanye

June 1, 2016 / File under > Video

With only one week left until my book’s release, Videracy asked me to list off 3 things you might not know about young Kanye.


new drop the mic

May 27, 2016 / File under > Drop The Mic Video

We did it again. And quick. This time, it’s James Corden vs. David Schwimmer vs. Rebel Wilson. Raps written by myself, Eliza Skinner and Schwimmer himself.


drop the mic w/ Anne Hathaway

May 26, 2016 / File under > Drop The Mic Video

Stoked to have co-written this rap battle over at The Late Late Show with James Corden with talented comedian Eliza Skinner. WE HONGRY.


freestyle video

May 23, 2016 / File under > Kanye West Owes Me $300

To promote my book, I released this freestyle, my first in over 10 years. Grown man rap.


Leo Got F*cked by a bear

April 11, 2016 / File under > Video

I am honored to have worked with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Erik Weiner on the song, “Leo Got Fucked by a Bear” for the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. I’ll accept my Peabody now.


baby talk episode #7

January 7, 2016 / File under > Baby Talk

It’s episode number 7 of Baby Talk, now on YouTube, as we welcome Britney Furlan, Morgan Murphy and Julian McCullough to chill with a child comedian who has very little chill. His stand-up is political and he may have sided with the dentist who killed that lion.



December 18, 2015 / File under > Baby Talk Video

The sixth episode of Baby Talk is now released on the internet! Thomas Middleditch, Jamar Neighbors and Nick Thune sit down with a child and get to the bottom of what being weird is like. Jamar may or may not have admitted to rolling a blunt on a baby’s back.



December 11, 2015 / File under > Baby Talk Video

The fifth episode of Baby Talk is now viewable on YouTube! We’re joined by guests Bo Burnham, Jenny Johnson and Justin Willman. And a surprise cameo from an actor who once told us how much the human head weighs.