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June 5, 2015 / File under > FunnyOrDie

Friend Gil Ozeri is a mad man and has decided to watch every single episode of Entourage back-to-back with almost no sleep in a Hollywood Hills mansion. He’ll be joined by Adam Pally and John Gemberling, and once they hit the series finale, they’ll take a limo to go see the movie. You can watch it via FunnyOrDie live feed, as it will involve a full choir singing the theme song, over 50 guests and a late-night party. I will be there for sure Saturday at 3:30 PM PT.




Weird Al’s Broadway Style Cabaret Review

March 9, 2015 / File under > FunnyOrDie Video


I wrote and produced this sketch for FunnyOrDie featuring Weird Al Yankovic, Aimee Man, Tim Heidecker, Thomas Lennon, Brett Gelman, Drew Droege and more.


Bestie’s Night

March 9, 2015 / File under > FunnyOrDie Video


I was a writer, performer and produced this sketch for FunnyOrDie. Someone famous dies in it.


#IAMSORRYTOO w/ Jerry O’Connell & FunnyOrDie

March 9, 2015 / File under > FunnyOrDie Video


When Shia LaBeouf opened his own performance art exhibit in Los Angeles, I rented out the space next door and completely mimicked the same exact set-up, except with actor Jerry O’ Connell waiting for gallery patrons at the end. In the end, we got more press coverage than Shia and actually stole people from his line. FunnyOrDie produced it with me, allowing an idiot to fulfill his dumb idea.


Teen Wolf Live Read at UCB

March 9, 2015 / File under > FunnyOrDie Video


I recently put together a Live Read That Shouldn’t Happen with my pal Sean O’Connor for the classic Teen Wolf movie script. We enlisted the help of Kumail Nanjiani, Jonah Ray, Pete Wentz, Lauren Lapkus, Lil Dicky, Owen Burke, Pat Healy, Angela Trimbur and many others. FunnyOrDie was there to chronicle history in the making.


DJ or Star Trek Name?

March 9, 2015 / File under > FunnyOrDie Writing


For FunnyOrDie, I put together one of my favorite games, DJ or Star Trek name. It’s a difficult game.

Check it out HERE.


Space Jam Live Read w/ Blake Griffin

March 9, 2015 / File under > FunnyOrDie Video


I put together a Live Read of the script from the classic cinematic masterpiece “Space Jam” at the UCB Theater on Franklin in Los Angeles. I hosted it with Sean O’Connor and the event featured the work of Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Seth Green, Paul Scheer, Danielle Fishel, Ben Schwartz, Nick Kroll, Jerrod Carmichael, Ralph Garman, Noah Garfinkel, Brandon Johnson, Shelby Fero & Melissa Stetten.