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Drop the mic Shaq vs. Ken Jeong FULL BATTLE

May 15, 2018 / File under > Drop The Mic

We kicked off Season 2 with a heavyweight match-up pairing Shaquille O’Neal against Ken Jeong. It’s a killer.


Drop the mic season 1 highlights

May 15, 2018 / File under > Drop The Mic

In preparation of Season 2, I sat down with TBS to go over my favorite battle verses from Season 1 of Drop The Mic…



May 15, 2018 / File under > Uncategorized

On February 27th, I was so happy to produce and perform the Clue Live Read at UCB in LA! Our cast was insane, so be on the lookout for the next Live Read announcement…

Wadsworth – Ben Schwartz
Mrs. White – Jillian Bell
Mr. Green – Taran Killam
Mrs. Peacock – Casey Wilson
Col. Mustard – Paul F. Tompkins
Prof. Plum – Paul Scheer
Miss Scarlet – Riki Lindhome
Yvette – Angela Trimbur
Mr. Boddy – Zach Gilford
Motorist – Jason Sheridan
Cop – Mazin Elsadig
Singing Telegram – Ele Woods
Elderly Man – Mark Gagliardi
Stage Direction – Jensen Karp