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Custom Olive Garden Nikes

August 6, 2018 / File under > Uncategorized

Some dreams do come true. I forced legendary show customizer Dan “Mache” Gamache to make me custom Nike Air Force 1’s to celebrate a restaurant that always makes you feel like family. And he made these gems. I can not be happier with these. Endless breadsticks for everyone!


NBA street vol. 2 GQ article

May 15, 2018 / File under > Uncategorized

GQ included me in their article about the legacy of NBA Street, Vol. 2 – a game I was lucky enough to consult on.

CLICK HERE to read



May 15, 2018 / File under > Uncategorized

On February 27th, I was so happy to produce and perform the Clue Live Read at UCB in LA! Our cast was insane, so be on the lookout for the next Live Read announcement…

Wadsworth – Ben Schwartz
Mrs. White – Jillian Bell
Mr. Green – Taran Killam
Mrs. Peacock – Casey Wilson
Col. Mustard – Paul F. Tompkins
Prof. Plum – Paul Scheer
Miss Scarlet – Riki Lindhome
Yvette – Angela Trimbur
Mr. Boddy – Zach Gilford
Motorist – Jason Sheridan
Cop – Mazin Elsadig
Singing Telegram – Ele Woods
Elderly Man – Mark Gagliardi
Stage Direction – Jensen Karp



January 23, 2018 / File under > Uncategorized

I spoke to the Clipperholics blog about my love for LA’s second favorite team.



the burbs live read cast

November 24, 2017 / File under > Uncategorized

Thanks to everyone who came to, and participated in, my Live Read of The Burbs script! For those who didn’t make it, this was the glorious cast…

Ray – Timothy Simmons
Art – John Gemberling
Rumsfield – Kurt Braunohler
Ricky – Pete Wentz
Carol – Danielle Fishel
Bonnie – Angela Trimbur
Dave – Cory Danzinger (from the original movie!)
Walter – Jason Sheridan
Hans – Mike Carlson
Reuben – Mark McConville
Dr. Klopek – Mike Phirman
Paperboy – Mazin Elsadig
Officer Burr – Ele Woods
Stage Direction – Jensen Karp

Stay tuned for the next Live read announcement soon!



May 11, 2017 / File under > Uncategorized

I worked with Das Bootleg to make this special t-shirt depicting Shaquille O’Neal eating popcorn on the bench (originally seen in The Onion). Just use the code GETUP to pick one up, because they’re beautiful. CLICK HERE TO BUY.


shirt release

February 22, 2017 / File under > Uncategorized

I collaborated with Random Supply Co. on what I believe is the greatest t-shirt of all-time. Especially if you are a freak in the morning, a freak in the evening. God Bless Adina Howard. Available in XS-XXL NOW. Pick one up here.



December 27, 2016 / File under > Uncategorized Video

I once again appeared on Riggle’s Picks for NFL on FOX, this time as an angel homeless man.


I feel like Zsa Zsa

December 20, 2016 / File under > Uncategorized

With the passing of a legend/vampire, I collaborated with clothing company Frank & Jan to make this shirt. Wear it with pride, because this bit went on way too long.

To buy, click HERE.