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book preorder pin giveaway

April 14, 2016 / File under > Kanye West Owes Me $300 Patti Lapel

If you preorder my book, you can get a FREE hard enamel pin of 12-year-old Rap Jensen that I had made, Cross Colours and all. It’s super easy to do and it’ll look better on you than it did on me.

Learn more about the photo, the book and how to get one of these pins by CLICKING HERE.


pistol shrimps socks now available

April 11, 2016 / File under > Patti Lapel

In honor of the Jensen Karp Greg Escalante Sock Report on the Pistol Shrimps Radio Podcast, Patti Lapel has released very limited custom Pistol Shrimps socks. They are $23 and, at the time of this post, there only have about 15 pairs left for purchase.




new pin releases

April 6, 2016 / File under > Patti Lapel

Over at Patti Lapel we’ve released two new pins, Darryl, to kick off this year’s baseball season, and the 3rd version of our Please Rewind pin, now with all the possible endings of Clue. You can pick them up for $10 each at PattiLapel.com right now!


new pin release

March 29, 2016 / File under > Patti Lapel

Our original plan was to release this new pin, Craig & Pop, to celebrate the start of the 2016 NBA Playoffs, but with the recent announcement regarding Craig Sager’s battle with cancer, we’ve decided to release this now – to support his ongoing fight with leukemia. It’s a bit on backorder now, but you can purchase it at PattiLapel.com for $10, with 15% of the proceeds going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. #SagerStrong


new pin releases

March 25, 2016 / File under > Patti Lapel

Patti Lapel is at it again! We’ve released a brand new ’90s collection featuring Todd, Roger and a glittered, glow-in-the-dark rollerblade. Each are $10 and available now for your wardrobe. Pick one, or many, up at PattiLapel.com.



March 11, 2016 / File under > Patti Lapel

We’ve released our newest pin, Leon Kompowsky, the perfect accessory for singing a weird version of Happy Birthday and claiming to be Michael Jackson. Only $10 and very limited. You can pick one up at PattiLapel.com right now!


1st patti lapel patch

March 8, 2016 / File under > Patti Lapel

We’ve released our very 1st patch at PattiLapel.com and it pays tribute to our favorite theme park. Only $7 and 100 made in total. Life will find a way.


New pin releases

March 1, 2016 / File under > Patti Lapel

We dropped our newest pin collection, the Dial-Up Pack, and they’re available individually or as a discounted set. Unfortunately, this limited edition series does not come with a trial disc for 500 free hours. Get these are PattiLapel.com right now and AIM a friend.


new pin releases

February 22, 2016 / File under > Patti Lapel

ERMAHGERD! We’ve released two new pins over at PattiLapel.com and they are ready for your jacket or hat or really anything. First up, show your enthusiasm for only $10 at PattiLapel.com.


And then, we have this.

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.
There’s a pin on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.

$10 at PattiLapel.com. Don’t miss this one opportunity.



patti lapel shirt collection

February 19, 2016 / File under > Patti Lapel

We’ve released our first collection of t-shirts at PattiLapel.com, focusing on the rocking times at The Peach Pit (or After Dark). Purchase one by 2/27, and get the pin set for free!